History of the Company

Rut and Hirut Milk Cows Breeding & Dairy Products & Processing PLC has been operational in Chcha area, at some 110 kms from the center of Addis Ababa, since it was legally registered in 2009 G.C at Bureau of Trade and Industry. The farm has 5.4 hectares of land. It collects an average of 3,000 liters raw milk a day from more than 200 poor women milk suppliers every morning only. The evening milk which is nearly the same quantity with the morning it is not possible to collect because of lack of cooling facility problem. Even from the morning potential suppliers, the project buys only a very marginal quantity due to its limited capacity and lack of modern technology to properly treat pasteurize and supply to the market. The current main products of the farm are raw milk, local Ayib (cottage different type of cheese), butter and cream. All the farm activities, which include collection, processing and distribution are operated and managed by 11 employees and one manager.

Under such nearly a traditional but careful production system, the farm estimates to make an average of 3,000/litre operational profit on its collections from the local dairy farmers. Besides, the market demand for the products of the farm in the form current supply and pasteurized dairy products is ever increasing. Therefore, having observed the potential for raw milk supply one hand and increasing market demand for both traditionally processed and pasteurized products on the other, Rut and Hirut milk cows breeding & dairy products & processing plc decided to introduce to the market new dairy products using pasteurizing technology.

In short, the milk processing plant technology and source machinery for the milk is identified and contacted already. Installation works will be done by the suppliers of the pasteurizing machinery.

When every plan and expected donations are executed modern way of processing milk and milk products will be in the market and jobs in this project hopes to be enjoyable by the owner and employee and consumers also gets satisfied with the production.