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About Us

Founded by two Ethiopian Diaspora members in Germany, Sela Goja Oil Filtration Factory is being established with the vision to provide Ethiopia with healthy and nutritious edible oil.

Ethiopia has favorable agro‚Äźclimatic conditions for cultivation oilseeds and is one of the centers of origins in the world for several oil crop plants like rapeseed, niger/noug seed, and castor beans. Edible oil is an important commodity for households in Ethiopia. Its weight in the national basket of goods and services which is used to calculate the consumer price index (CPI) is about 3%.

However Ethiopia is very dependent on import, since 97% of the country’s need is currently covered with imported edible oil. Bad quality products, foreign currency loss, supply shortage and most importantly the consumer uncertainty to be able to find healthy products from trusted suppliers for a reasonable price are the results.

Lying on 4860 sqms in the beautiful town Sululta, just outside the capital Addis